Dogs Looking For A Forever Home

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Temperament Colors

To help potential adopters choose a good match, all dogs available for adoption have been temperament tested.

These dogs are suggested for a first time owner or a home with young children. Some training might be required.

These dogs are suggested for both first time or previous dog owner. Prefered older children or young children if the parent is comfortable working with them. Some training might be required.

These dog are suggested for experienced owners and homes without young children.

The temperament testing is an evaluation and not a guarantee of future behavior. Temperament and behavior may improve or deteriorate with time, environment, training and leadership. Tests are a depiction of behavior at that time only.

Did You Know?

  • We're the largest animal shelter east of Montreal.
  • We handle nearly 3,500 animals per year.
  • You Can Help! in many ways.

Clara sponsored in 
loving memory of Louis Hebert
sponsored by
Vicky McKenzie and 
former SPCA dog Bailey
sponsored by
Riverview High School SPCA
Committee Volunteers
sponsored by
Moncton Honda
sponsored by
Subaru of Moncton
sponsored by
Cathy Williams
These sponsorships will go towards the cost of animal's care while at our shelter.
Please view each animal's listing for more details on each sponsorship.