Q: What is your adoption process

A: Our Adoption Process page would have all the details on our process, including Fees and Application forms.

Q: Can I just arrive and leave with an animal the same day?

A: You can if you have been pre-approved for adoption and have the proper restraints / carrier to take the animal home safely. Otherwise, you MUST be pre-approved for adoption and you MUST have the proper safety equipment to bring your pet home safely (carrier, leash, cage, etc.). No exceptions.

Q: I don't believe in getting approved for adoption. They're just animals! Why all this fuss?

A: They aren't "just" animals to us. They are the reason we exist. Many of these animals were strays, abandoned or mistreated. It is our duty to check references and go through an adoption process in order to ensure that they find a good home.

Q: I don't have time to wait for an adoption approval!

A: We understand that sometimes people are very anxious for an animal. Unfortunately, our waiting period for application approval is meant to be in the best interest of the animal. It is our sincere hope that you will be able to be patient. We hope that you will understand our need to balance ensuring that the animal goes to a good home vs. immediate gratification. That is why pre-approval is so important.

Q: What is the time limit for an animal up for adoption?

A: There is no time limit for an animal once it is placed on the adoption floor. It will stay with us until it is adopted. The only exception may be if an animal eventually becomes ill or aggressive.