Our Animal Control Officers are responsible for enforcing the City of Moncton's animal control bylaws.

They answer calls for issues such as stray animals, complaints from the public about barking dogs, dogs that are defecating off their property, dogs being walked off their leash and dangerous animals.

Officers also assist with the annual sale of dog tags. All dogs living within Moncton city limits must wear a City of Moncton dog tag.


Our officers are also able to answer questions about animals, our shelter and the City of Moncton bylaws pertaining to animals in the community (H-202).

For more information about animal control (i.e. domestic strays, domestic nuisance), please contact the officer for your area:

Animal control officers
City of Moncton: (506) 857-8698 ext. 106
City of Dieppe: (506) 877-7900
Town of Riverview: (506) 387-2230

Outlying areas
NBSPCA: 1-877-722-1522