Mya has been sponsored by Natasha Gautreau! This sponsorship will go towards the cost of her care during her stay at the shelter. Thank you Natasha Gautreau for your support.

Temperament Test: Orange

Mya was surrendered to the shelter when her family was having behavioral problems. Mya is reactive to dogs, especially on walks, and her owners were having a hard time controlling her. Mya does know some basic obedience but has a hard time focusing once she is distracted. Mya's previous owner said she was house trained, and not destructive. They said she was obedient in the house but a totally different dog when outside of the home. Mya is a very anxious and high energy dog. She becomes over excited very easily and has a hard time settling. When over stimulated she will jump, mouth and will hit you right in the face. Mya really needs to learn to focus. She is going to need adequate daily physical exercise but also needs to be focused mentally (practicing obedience can sometimes be more tiring then walking - make her think). She is going to need leadership from her family and lots of socializing. If you are considering adopting Mya be prepared to work with a professional regarding her dog reactivity.