Joey was the 91.9 The Bend and Global Pet Foods featured pet of the week (Jun 27th)!

Meet Ross and Joey. These are very special kitties. These kittens arrived at the shelter way back in March when they were about 4 weeks old and quite sick. They fought very hard to get to where they are today and at times we were not sure they were going to make it. Ross and Joey have had a whole team of people working behind the scenes providing medical care, love and attention. They had staff, volunteers, their veterinarian (they had multiple visits) and a foster home all fighting for them. They are now just over 5 months old and still waiting for that special home to adopt them. Although overall healthy cats who are loving, playful and growing it is going to take time for their immune systems to become strong enough to fight off the last of their illness. They still sneeze and have some nasal discharge (it will make lovely window art in your house). We expect it will be many more months before this is completely gone and they may always have occasional reoccurrences.

If adopting Joey or Chandler you should be prepared to continuing providing immune support and continue veterinary treatment when necessary. It is suggested any current household cats be up to date on their vaccines.