Syrah has been sponsored by Atlantic Mazda! This sponsorship will go towards the cost of her care during her stay at the shelter. Thank you Atlantic Mazda for your support! Please take a moment to visit their website below...

Syrah was the 91.9 The Bend and Global Pet Foods featured pet of the week (May 23rd)!

Temperament Test: Orange

Syrah is looking for an experienced owner. This girl has been through multiple homes. She is very reactive to other animals and is going to need a lot of work. Do not consider adopting Syrah if you are not prepared to work with a professional, long term. Syrah is a very athletic and high energy. She is going to need an appropriate outlet for all that pent up energy. She needs a lot of work on her basic obedience and impulse control. Adopting Syrah is a big commitment and responsibility. Putting in all that work and behavior modification can result in an amazing bond between dog and owner and but is also more then many owners are able or prepared to take on.