A hamster will take little space in a home so you can enjoy a hamster's company whether you live in an apartment or a house. They are cute, fluffy and have big eyes and pouches to match. Hamsters are solitary (with the exception of dwarf hamsters) and nocturnal, meaning they are awake at night. When bringing a new hamster home do not expect that it will come into your hands immediately. The hamster will likely be afraid and shy. To build trust and tame your hamster you will need patience! Occasionally give him treats and avoid handling him until he gains trust and comes to your hands on his own. This may take days or even months! Learn your hamster's body language. When a hamster grooms, yawns or stretches it usually means the hamster is feeling secure and happy. A hamster will stand on its back legs with ears up when it is listening. A hamster lying on its back may be frightened. When a hamster squeaks, hisses or grinds its teeth it means that the hamster is afraid or agitated and can be a warning before a bite.