Molly has been sponsored by:

Moncton Auto Kings
Michael Cormier of Murphy Collette Murphy

These sponsorships will go towards the cost of Molly's care during her stay at the shelter. Thank you for these sponsorships and the support for Molly.

Molly was the 91.9 The Bend and Global Pet Foods featured pet of the week (Dec 19th)!

Temperament Test: Yellow

Molly was surrendered to the shelter when a change in her family circumstances meant they felt they did not have time for her. Molly's previous owner noted that she does not like to be left alone and can be anxious and destructive if she feels isolated. Molly likes to play and receive attention from people she knows. She can also be independent and is easily distracted by things in the environment. Molly is aloof with strangers at first. She can be reactive to some people. She tolerates some handling but is very difficult to groom or clip her nails. Molly's new owners should be prepared to work with a trainer if needed. Molly has no experience with cats. She is suggested for an adult home or a home with teenage children.