Adoption fee $255

Temperament Test: Orange

Chance is looking for a breed familiar home. This big guy can be excitable at times. He likes to destroy toys and occasionally get the zoomies. Once tired he lays down for a sleep on his back. Chance has displayed resource guarding of food and toys. We recommend he do some exercises and training to correct this issue. Chance does know some basic obedience but sometimes forgets his manners becoming pushy and strong. He needs a minute to become comfortable with some strangers. Chance needs to go to a home without young children, he will become uncomfortable and growl to warn them he wants his own space. Children 12 and older doesn't seem to bother him. Chance has lived with cats, and seems to get along well. He doesn't get along with dogs. Supervision is always required when introducing new pets. Chance tends to get nervous in the car, but can be easily comforted. He will make a great pet for someone who is prepared to keep working with him.

If you're interested in meeting Chance you can call the shelter at 506-857-8698 to book an appointment with an adoption counsellor. Or book online from our website under the tab 'Adopt'