Basil is one of only 2 boys from his family and is looking to be adopted with his brother Dill.

African Soft furs are considered social creatures, which need to live in pairs or groups of the same sex. Without the company of other rats, they can become depressed.
African Soft Furs thrive on a diet mainly consisting of rat pellets with seeds and vegetables as treats. Fruits can also be given to your African Soft Furs, but in minimal amounts and avoid citrus.
It is recommended to house your African Soft Furs in a fish tank or home-made storage bin cage with 10-15 gallons per rat, but the more space the more enrichment! It is also recommended to have 1-2 hides per rat, and one food bowl/water bottle per every two rats. African Soft Furs are also able to be kept in multi-level rodent cages, but be careful of bar spacing as they are able to escape many cages!
The base of your cage should be lined with a fabric to absorb and excrement from your rats, there are many options for this like fabric, paper bedding, yesterday's news, etc. It may be best to try out a few options to see what works best for you and your new pets.
African Soft Furs are quite active and love to chew so it is best to provide lots of toys, hammocks, and items for chewing, try to avoid toys and chews with dyes. A wheel can also be a great way to enrich your new pets!