Bunilla Ice

Hi! I'm Bunilla Ice! I grew up in a cage that was rarely cleaned and when someone brought me to the Moncton SPCA, my paws were burned and severely wounded from laying in urine for so long. I have now been here since July so I am all healed up, my fur has grown back, and I'm ready for my new home! I'm a handsome guy and enjoy doing my own thing. I'm timid but with a lot of love, patience and food, I'm sure I could learn to trust humans again.

Rabbit facts:
Rabbits make intelligent, friendly and quiet house pets!

Please research rabbits before adopting, they require the same commitment and have many of the same needs as a dog.

Did you know that the average life span of a pet rabbit is 7 - 10 years??

Rabbits need a healthy diet consisting of fresh timothy hay, a variety of fresh vegetables and rabbit pellets, all of which are readily available at your local pet store.

They need proper housing that allows them enough space to stand up on their hind legs, have a litter box and separate resting space.

Like all pets rabbits require regular exercise to prevent physical and behavioral problems. Remember your rabbit has hind legs that are designed for running and jumping. Make sure you either bunny proof your exercise area inside or have a secure play pen outside.

Rabbits should have yearly veterinary exams to ensure they are in good health.

When handling your rabbit you need to be gentle and always support their hind end, they can be fragile and need properly handling to avoid injury.

Rabbits are not recommended as pets for small children. A rabbit is naturally a prey animal and they are easily frightened or dropped by children. An adult should always be their primary care giver and supervise any interaction with young children.

If you would like to adopt a rabbit or learn more, please book your appointment with our adoption counsellor online or give us a call at 857-8698.