Adoption fee $255

Temperament test: Orange

Hello, I'm Rocky! I am a big strong Pitbull/Rottweiler mix. I am pretty social and willing to meet and greet when it comes to humans. But when it comes to other animals I become aggressive. I need a home with absolutely no other pets. I would also be best suited in a home with no young children. I love playing, but can become jumpy, rude, and at times mouthy. I will need basic obedience training as well as give and take exercises because I have shown signs of resource guarding towards toys and food. I would love for my new owners to help me with those issues so my resource guarding doesn't escalate further. I will also need help with walking on a leash. On my walks I will bite at the leash, try to get away, and jump on you. I can be an escape artist, I have jumped fences in the past to leave my property. I will need a fence I cannot get under or over, or a very secure lead. I enjoy scratches & belly rubs, and will nudge you for more. If you think you're the one for me and you're willing to put in the time and effort you can contact the shelter at 506-857-8698 to make an appointment, or you can book online on our website under 'Adopt'

Rocky will need a breed familiar experienced owner, who will be firm but fair.