Adoption fee $255.00

Temperament Test: Orange

Come visit me at the GMSPCA!!

Hey everyone, I'm back up for adoption!! My friends here at the shelter had hold off on finding me a new hooman in order to treat me for urinary crystals first, but the medicine they gave me cleared that all up, now I'm ready to go!!

Are you looking for motivation to get out walking every day? Me too!!I'm Mia, I'm an energetic girl who needs to burn off some steam (and some pounds, I overheard someone say I'm chonky 🙄). Mama taught me all about stranger danger so I'm not so sure about meeting new people but once I know you're cool then I'll warm up pretty quick and I'm sure we'll be besties before we know it! There can be only one princess in my kingdom, so other doggos and those furballs they call cats, pfft, they can take a hike. I'd prefer my kingdom not have any of those mini humans in it, those things need too much attention, and I want to be your one and only ??

Do you know what "training" means? I've heard that word a lot and apparently I'm going to need some of this "training" thing to help me learn to walk beside you, not sure why I'd want to do that when clearly pulling from the front is the most effective way to get where I want to go, but all the cool kids say that walking beside their people is "in" so if you're willing to teach me, I'm willing to learn. Sharing is something I'll need to learn too, I mean, if you put your paws on my stuff I'm gonna get mad, who wouldn't, but apparently that isn't cool either; do you know how to teach me to share? I'd love to learn!

If you'd like to meet me, book your appointment with an adoption counselor online here or give the shelter a call. If you decide to take me home we will need lots of time together for you to show me the ropes, but I promise, I'll be the bestest girl and your BFF if you give me a chance.