Our pets deserve the best we can give them and we celebrate their adoptions.

Our NEW approach to adoptions has been designed to better meet your needs, those of your family, and those of the animals.

Adoption infographic that explains in images the information above

Step 1: Decide that you and your family are ready to adopt.

Step 2: Look at the list of available pets. This list changes throughout the day. Animals are added and removed as they are adopted. If an animal is located with one of our partners (PetSmart, for example), you can simply visit that partner to make arrangements for adoption with them.

Step 3: If the animal you are interested in is in our center, call us to make an appointment with one of our adoption counselors! You can reach us at 857-8698. Leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Step 4: Visit our center to meet your adoption counselor. (Note: We are currently only accessible by appointment due to COVID-19 restrictions.)

Your appointment with your adoption counselor is your chance to:

  • See animals
  • Discuss your particular situation - your home, your other pets and what you hope for by adopting a new pet. Our adoption counselors know these animals well and can help you in choose an animal that is best for you!
  • Meet and play with animals! You can play with them in the Royale Home for Every Pet Project visiting room. You'll know if you've fallen in love or if you need to meet more animals before you make your decision. You will have time to make sure you are making the right decision.

Step 5: Are You Ready to Adopt? Well done! We will complete the forms and process your adoption costs with you. (these vary depending on the animal and age, see below).

Step 6: You can now bring your new companion home. If you are still looking, you just have to make another date to try again. The list of available animals changes daily. If you can't find your new companion today, he could possibly be there tomorrow.

Important Notes:
You must have a suitable leash and collar with you to adopt a dog.

Likewise, cats, rabbits and other small animals and exotic species should be transported in an appropriate carrier.
If you are renting your apartment or house, please bring your rental agreement with you to your appointment so that we can confirm that pets are allowed. Your landlord can provide you with a copy of your rental agreement upon request if you do not have one. If you don't have your rental agreement by your appointment, we'll need to contact your landlord before you can take your new companion home, which can cause adoption delays. We cannot hold an animal, so it is best to have the contract with you. 

Adopters must be at least 18 years old.

What is included in the adoption fee? Adoption fees for cats and dogs include:
• Spay/neuter  
• first vaccination
• first deworming
• nail clipping
• ear cleaning
• microchip identification
• rabies vaccine (dogs only)
• treatment against fleas (cats, dogs and rabbits)

Adults: $ 255

Puppies (six months and under that have been spayed): $ 345

All adopted dogs will need to purchase a license (identification plate) for their region at the time of adoption.
All dogs must leave with a suitable leash and collar.


Adults: $ 110

(six months and under that have been spayed): $ 185

All cats and kittens should be transported home in an appropriate carrier.

$ 100 (includes sterilization)
All rabbits should be transported home in an appropriate carrier.

Please contact us at 857-8698 for information on rodent and exotic species adoption fees.