Brownie has been sponsored by Mike Cormier of Murphy Collette Murphy! This sponsorship will go towards the cost of Brownie's care while at our shelter. Thank you Mike Cormier for your support. Please visit their website at,

Temperament Test: Orange

Brownie is looking for an experienced, adult home. This girl is a bit of a wild child. Brownie loves to run and run and becomes very excited in play. She has lots of energy, meaning adequate exercise along with games and training that challenge her to think are going to be very important. Brownie does not have a lot of training and is a great candidate for an obedience class. At times very outgoing and pushy, at other times Brownie can be quite insecure. That insecurity can cause her to be reactive to some strangers. Her new owners should be familiar with canine body language and training so the can help her make good choices and trust their decisions. Brownie is looking for a home without cats. She can be reactive to other dogs and will resource guard from other animals.