Dog Biscuit Challenge GMSPCA

Dog Biscuit Challenge GMSPCA
At A Glance:

Step 1: Make a video of just you, or you with pets or friends, nibbling a dog biscuit!**
Step 2: In the video, challenge two or three friends to take the challenge! They can make their own biscuit-tasting video, or donate to the challenge…or both!
Step 3: Post, post, post! Post your video on all social media platforms! Tag your friends! Make sure they know they’ve been challenged! And be sure to use the hashtag #DogBiscuitChallenge!

You can even send your video to us at!
We just might share it!

Dog Biscuit Challenge: A Little More Info!

Ask your friends to take the Greater Moncton SPCA Dog Biscuit Challenge! The challenge is simple: give your friends 72 hours to donate to the Greater Moncton SPCA Dog Biscuit Challenge. They can donate in a video, or not make a video at all! But...if they decline...they must post a video of themselves nibbling a dog biscuit**. Mmmmmmm!
Simply post a video on social media. In your video, announce that you are taking the Greater Moncton Dog Biscuit Challenge to help the Greater Moncton SPCA pets. Then, nominate two or three friends to take the challenge. Within 72 hours, they must donate to help pets or post a video of themselves tasting a dog biscuit**…OR BOTH! 

Your Video!

Invite your pets to appear in your video with you! Get the whole family together! Treat yourself to a delicious biscuit at a local landmark, maybe even in a fine dining establishment! Have fancy dips or beverages on hand! The more memorable your video, the better!
Here’s a Sample Script:  

Don’t forget to mention that people should make their donation at! You can say something as simple as “I am daring my friends to take the Greater Moncton Dog Biscuit Challenge! Donate to the Greater Moncton Dog Biscuit Challenge at or post a video of yourself eating a biscuit...or both! You can support my efforts at!" Then SHARE! Be sure to tag your friends who you challenged! Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube using the hashtag #DogBiscuitChallenge! Want to show us your video? Send it to! We may share it!
If You Don’t Dine, But Donate Only…

If you are challenged and you choose to make a donation only (instead of nibbling a biscuit), thank you so much! 
You can donate by visiting! In fact, you can make a video of yourself not eating a biscuit, but making a donation!

Please let your challenger and everyone else know that you’ve made your donation on your social media and use the hashtag #DogBiscuitChallenge. This will help spread the word about the challenge!

For more information, contact us at

**Please note: the GMSPCA Dog Biscuit Challenge isn't for everyone! Please use caution when selecting your dog biscuit if you choose to nibble! Check the ingredients, ensure the biscuit doesn't include anything to which you're allergic, choose items with natural, human-friendly ingredients, and by all means, CHILDREN SHOULD BE SUPERVISED!
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