PAW Plan

What is the PAW Plan?

The PAW Plan is an easy and convenient monthly Pre-Authorized Withdrawal Plan.

Your contribution is deducted automatically from your bank account or charged to your credit card each month. You will be sent one tax receipt for your full year’s contributions each February (Online PAW Plan donors receive receipts by email at time of donation).

Being able to count on your support each month enables us to plan ahead. By giving through the PAW Plan, you ensure that more of your contribution goes towards helping animals in need and less is spent on administrative costs.

In return for your monthly contribution, you will receive:

  • An annual impact report, by email, showing the difference your contribution makes;
  • A charitable tax receipt for 100% of your contribution;
  • Your name listed on a special PAW Plan page on our website;
  • A special gift of appreciation.

PAW Plan Levels

You can donate online using your credit card or through your bank via PayPal.

Loyal Companion

Helps with initial intake, assessment, food and care upon arrival.


Best Friend

Helps provide foster homes with supplies for animals in their care, until they can be placed for adoption.



Helps care for one of the many thousands of animals we receive and care for, each year. Including: shelter, food, vaccinations, spay/neuter, ID microchip.


Winner's Circle

Helps spay/neuter an animal in our care. All animals are spayed/neutered before they leave. In seven years, every cat and dog we spay, prevents approx. 420,000 kittens and 65,000 puppies from being born.


Online payment transaction securely managed by PayPal

Note: A PayPal account is required to subscribe via the buttons on this page.
If you don't wish to use PayPal, you can donate via - please follow these instructions: 1) select "Monthly" in the donation amount section and 2) enter "Donating for the PAW Plan" in the message box.

Bonnie’s Story Is One That Touched Hearts

Sweet playful Bonnie on it's back looking for a belly rub

On a cold day in January, a couple saw a dog in the ditch on the side of the road. They assumed she was dead. On their way back home they noticed that the dog had slightly moved so they stopped. They immediately called their local animal control officer and the dog was brought to us. She was severely underweight, hypothermic, so weak she could not stand and on the verge of death. It would appear that Bonnie fell over on the side of the road and just could not get back up.

We were able to do the surgery and post-op care that Bonnie required. Even after the surgery, Bonnie faced months and months of hydro and physical therapy just to learn to walk again. Bonnie is only one of thousands of animals that we see each year. With your monthly support through the PAW Plan, we will be able to ensure many more happy endings like Bonnie’s.

It’s your support that allows us to give them hope.

Thank you!

Thank You
to our Donors

Winner's Circle
  • Dale Wry
  • Genevieve Chiasson
  • Colleen Adams
  • Peter Lawlor
  • Marcia McDonough
  • Alina Mikholouk
  • Dawn Cormier
  • Andrew Soucy
  • Heidi Carlson
  • Raphelle Theriault
  • Ryan Steeves
  • B Coady
  • Helen Spencer
  • David Jay McMurray
  • Jason Rinzler
  • ReMax Avante
  • Jamie Acker
Best Friend
  • Charles Leblanc
  • Nancy Tardiff
  • Dave and Nancy Bradley
  • Glen Clark
  • Brenda Simpson
  • Lori Bordage
  • Craig Prosser
  • Erin Hansen
  • Chris Farmer
  • Suzy Campos
  • Shani Jones
  • Brenda DeWitt
  • Nan & Gerry Guthro
Loyal Companion
  • Marie-Claude Pitre
  • Jodi Stultz
  • Shauna Dillon
  • Alphie Millican
  • Scott Jones
  • Jane Donovan Bell
  • Robert Malloy
  • Annie Paradis
  • Lyne Cormier
  • Lise Cormier
  • Josee Maillet
  • Caroline Kohn
  • Claudette Martin
  • Lynne Brien
  • SFM Floor Maintenance Inc
  • Martin Hebert
  • Richard Salisko
  • Lori Melanson
  • John Jelley
  • Darcy Bonin
  • Jody Dunnett
  • Donna Thompson-Dalling
  • Jeff Kelly
  • Pierre Martell
  • Jenn Marr
  • Kevin Steen
  • Tracy Petukhov
  • Nikki Payne
  • Carmel Richard
  • Gloria Robichaud
  • Tom & Kelly Badger
  • Michael Cormier
  • Greg Turner
  • Natasha Ostaff
  • Heather Russell
  • Rob McKee
  • Alisha Armour
  • Ralston Armour
  • Karen Rawlines
  • Sylvina Mertens
  • Julie Surette
  • Dave Rogers
  • Mavis Poirier
  • Renelle Leblanc
  • Penny Knackstadt