Lost an animal?

We have many strays turned in and we may have your Lost friend!

If you submit an ad to our website Lost & Found Listings, it is your responsibility that it is posted correctly.

Lost & Found Online Form   Lost & Found Listings

NOTE: The ad system is a public service and is NOT a substitute for reporting your pet to the GMSPCA in person.

We check all incoming animals for identification (tags, microchip, tattoo, etc) to try and locate their owner through these means. An animal arriving with no current ID will be impossible for us to reunite to their family. This is why you need to be actively looking for your pet. For example, you can check/post on Kijiji, local lost pet sites on Facebook, your local animal control department and your local veterinarians.

It is your responsibility to look for your lost pet. Come in to the GMSPCA daily to look as tomorrow may be too late.

  • All stray animals are held for 96 hours before becoming property of the GMSPCA.
  • To claim your animal you must provide proof of ownership. We will require photo ID and we will take a copy.

Kennel fees are charged for each day a stray animal remains in the care of the GMSPCA and must be paid in full before they will be returned to their owner. The associated impound fee will need to be paid in full. Dogs will be required to have a current license. Any outstanding veterinary bills must be paid in full prior to claiming your animal.

If you believe your pet may be in the custody of the NBSPCA, please call 1-877-722-1522.

Found an animal?

Please call us if you have found an animal at (506) 857-8698. You have two options:

  • Care for the animal yourself (if you can) and we’ll try to match it with the lost animals called in to the shelter.
  • Bring the animal to the shelter or call us and we will pick it up (pick-ups only within City of Moncton limits).
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Did you know that the City of Moncton bylaw (H202) requires that any dog residing within city limits must wear a current tag.

Purchase your dog tags online quickly and easily by filling out the form below. Dog licenses are also available for purchase at the shelter, from the animal control officers directly, at Moncton City Hall and most local veterinarians. The GMSPCA and Animal Control Officers also do an annual door-to-door dog tag campaign at the beginning of the year.

City of Moncton Residents ONLY - For areas outside of the City of Moncton please inquire with your veterinarian or city hall for locations where you can purchase dog licenses for your specific area.

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This program matches some of our much older animals or animals with special needs to loving homes. These animals may be adopted at a lesser rate at the discretion of Greater Moncton SPCA management.

For more information on our Seniors for Seniors Program, please contact the GMSPCA at (506) 857-8698.

Approved foster homes are used to take some of our animals in need in order to care for them until they are ready for adoption. Often, this includes unweaned young animals, pregnant and/or nursing mothers, animals recovering from extensive surgery or animals that need socializing.

For more information on fostering, please contact the Greater Moncton SPCA at (506) 857-8698.

The Greater Moncton SPCA offers educational tours for schools, youth groups and adults. We have a large room where people can gather, ask questions and learn a little about animal care. We then take the group on a tour through the shelter.

Tours are given free of charge, however donations are gratefully accepted.

For more information on booking a tour, please contact the GMSPCA at (506) 857-8698.

Animal Control Officers are responsible for enforcing the City of Moncton's animal control bylaws (H202).

They answer calls for issues such as stray animals, complaints from the public about barking dogs, dogs that are defecating off their property, dogs being walked off their leash and dangerous animals, to name a few.

Part of their responsibility is also the sale of annual dog tags. It is part of the City's bylaw that all dogs residing within city limits wear a City of Moncton dog tag.

Another large part of their job is public education. These officers take any opportunity they can to answer questions from the public regarding animals, the shelter itself and the City of Moncton bylaws related to animals.

If you have any questions or concerns about animal control, please contact the appropriate officer for your area:

Animal control officers

(domestic strays, domestic nuisance)
  • City of Moncton: (506) 857-8698 ext. 106
  • City of Dieppe: (506) 877-7900
  • Town of Riverview: (506) 387-2230

Outlying areas

  • NBSPCA: 1-877-722-1522

Please visit our Emergency/Other Contact page for other emergency and/or animal-related information phone numbers.

Sadly, in time, we all lose our pets to age or illness.

The Greater Moncton SPCA offers two services to those in need. We offer general cremation and private cremation. Many people opt for the private as it allows them to take home the ashes of their dear friend and have their memories close. If you choose private, you will receive the ashes of your pet back in an urn container, a bronze "Beloved Pet" plaque and a card. Please contact us regarding fees for these services.

We also sell an exclusive line of beautiful urns for your consideration. Please contact the shelter for further details.

If your pet passes away at home within the Metro Moncton area, for a small fee we will pick up your pet and bring them to shelter for the cremation service of your choice.

The Greater Moncton SPCA can provide the use of a trap cage for the purpose of capturing feral and/or stray cats.

These cages will not be given out for the purpose of capturing wildlife. We refer nuisance wildlife calls to a nuisance wildlife officer.

For more information, please contact the GMSPCA at (506) 857-8698.