Helping can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. If you choose the Greater Moncton SPCA as a location to give some of your time, it will be greatly appreciated. There are so many different things a person can do as a volunteer with the shelter. Members enjoy coming out and spending time with the animals.

Please note: Children under 16, must be supervised by an adult.

Please contact the shelter at (506) 857-8698 to register for an orientation session.


The dogs really enjoy their special time out with members whether it be going for a brisk walk down the road, sniffing their way along our wooded trails behind the shelter, playing in one of the fenced-in bark parks or just snuggling up for a good cuddle and brushing.

Fundraisers, events, etc.

Volunteers are always needed to help out with fundraisers, information booths, parades and reference checks, just to mention a few areas where we can use the help.

How to become a volunteer

Members are welcome to come and go as they please during the hours that we are open to the public: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Orientations Sessions

You must attend one of our orientations sessions which are held at 6 p.m. on the first Monday * of every month at the shelter. * If the first Monday is a holiday, the session will be held on the following Monday.

This orientation highlights the building rules, explains the advantages of membership, explains the color coding of the dogs, offers a tour of the facility and answers any general questions you may have about what your commitment. Once you have attended and you feel that you are ready to spend some time with us, it is just a matter purchasing a membership and you are ready to go.

Please contact the shelter at (506) 857-8698 for more information.

French orientations sessions are held the first Wednesday of every month

Time commitment

Volunteers are what put the wags back in our dogs’ tails and the purrs back in our cats. Without the help of volunteers, we would never be able to pull off such events as our Dog Jog, Santa Pics and other major events.

There is no set amount of time you need to spend here. Members/volunteers are crucial to the GMSPCA and we're very grateful to those that give of their time.

You give our animals so much by being here, even if it is just once in a while. The time that they spend with you outside of their kennels gives them new hope that they are special and that someone does care.

Thank you to all our volunteers!

There is no way for us to say in words how grateful we are to all of our volunteers. We can only hope that they know how much they mean to us. We look forward to welcoming any new people who may be interested in volunteering.

Join the PAW Plan (Monthly Giving)

Paw Plan logo

By joining the Greater Moncton SPCA PAW Plan with pre-authorized monthly contributions, you will be helping rescue animals, preventing cruelty every day of the year and enable us to reduce administration costs.

Check out our PAW Plan page for more information.

Subscribe to the PAW Plan Today!

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Make a One-Time Online Donation

You can donate online using your credit card, bank account (where available) or your Paypal account.
This is a fast, easy and convenient way to donate to us.





If you don't wish to use PayPal, you can donate via

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Donate Online for a Specific Fund and/or In Memory Of

You can donate online to one of our funds (e.g. Dusty, PAL & Other Funds) and/or in memory of someone using your credit card or through your bank via PayPal.

If you don't wish to use PayPal, you can donate via - please indicate to which fund or in memory of who in the message box.


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Donate in Person

The GMSPCA also accepts donations at the shelter via cash, debit or credit card.

Canadian Tire Money

The shelter collects Canadian Tire money to be used for purchasing supplies.


We accept memorial gifts through local funeral homes to remember those who have passed on. Families can honour their loved ones' affection for animals by naming the shelter as the preferred charity for donations at the funeral home.

Thank you!

We greatly appreciate the support we receive from the community.
All donations - small and large - mean the world to the animals in our care.

Tax Receipts

The GMSPCA is a registered charity and provides receipts for income tax purposes for donations over $10.

Charitable Registration Number: 119159259RR0001

Thank you for thinking of us! Any donation is greatly appreciated!


Cleaning & Sanitary Products

  • Bleach
  • Facial tissues
  • Toilet paper
  • Pine-Sol

Food & Nutriments

  • Vitamin C tablets — dissolvable
  • Canned Recovery Food for cats
  • Canned cat food (beef or chicken only - no fish!)
  • Iams or Pedigree brand dog food
  • Iams or Pedigree brand puppy food
  • Iams or Whiskas brand kitten food
  • Iams or Whiskas brand dry cat food (no red dye)
  • Rabbit food

Animal Care

  • Vick’s VapoRub
  • Nylon leashes
  • Hay
  • Pine shavings
  • CareFresh pet bedding
  • Aspen bedding
  • Clay cat litter (non-clumping)


Cleaning & Sanitary Products

  • Blankets and towels
  • Spray bottles
  • Paper towels
  • Latex gloves
  • Windshield washer fluid

Office Supplies

  • Printer paper
  • Postage stamps
  • Canadian Tire money

Animal Care

  • Pedialyte
  • Kaopectate
  • Cat carriers
  • Metal litter pans